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What to Do about Business Disputes

Business LitigationIf you own or run a business in California, you may have discovered that dealing with lawsuits can be an unavoidable necessity. Disputes of all kinds may arise–from difficulties with contracts to leasing or purchasing commercial real estate to the details of supply contracts. These issues can tie up enormous amounts of time and resources if not dealt with properly. At the Law Offices of Leslie Richards, we routinely handle litigation cases for businesses.

You Want Counsel with Proven Experience in Business Litigation

The growth of a business often brings greater complexity in its litigation issues. When litigation is needed in the resolution of a business dispute, our business litigation lawyers have experience trying numerous cases from breach of contract disputes to unfair competition issues to issues with fraud, trade secrets, business tort and many other business conflicts.

Our attorneys have tried dispute cases at the international level, as well. In fact, small business owners to large corporate entities have relied on our counsel and services to avoid lawsuits in the first place–and win them when needed. Our first aim is to help your business correct or avoid the most common mistakes made by businesses that often lead to litigation.

For instance, owners of businesses often don’t realize that contracts are not required to be recorded in writing to be found enforceable by law. Contracts can even be implied, at times, when there is no verbal or written agreement at all. Additionally, business contracts are notorious for leaving a number of issues unclear or not addressing them at all. In light of the fact that a majority of disputes regarding contracts involve a lack of clarity in the contract itself, it is tremendously advantageous to consult with a business litigation attorney before entering into business contracts.

Our attorneys also have the expertise and the courage to give you and your organization the advice you need–and to try your case if a desired settlement is not forthcoming. Whatever you are facing, our skilled business litigation lawyers are your best business recourse–both proactively and when you need us most.

The Economics of Business Litigation

At the Law Offices of Leslie Richards, our aim is to get your business the best result possible on all fronts. It is important to understand that many costs may arise in litigation that are often unaccounted for by other attorneys. These include “invisible costs” such as the distraction business executives, uncertainties that linger, the costs of business disruption and insecurity of employees. It’s our goal to get your business the best results overall with all costs in mind. Our litigation attorneys routinely represent clients against larger competitors, vendors or customers who have a with much greater litigation pocketbook.

It’s All About a Positive Outcome for You and Your Business

You want your business to have a positive outcome in your business litigation and that’s what our firm does. It’s crucial to us to both ensure that you win in court and that other aspects of your business remain unscathed. If simply winning your case comes with the expense of losing valuable suppliers or customers, wreaking havoc in your business or damaging ongoing operations, then your business has not really achieved the positive outcome you desired.

Get the Help You Need

Whenever your business is being sued or you’re considering a suit to enforce a contract–even if you’re anticipating the possibility of being sued–time is of the essence. Doing nothing may lead to disastrous results. The more proactive you are, the more you can be protected. At the Law Offices of Leslie Richards, Leslie Richards and her litigation attorneys represent all client matters with careful consideration of the entire business operation. We take all costs into account. And most importantly, we know what we’re doing.

Be proactive and call us today to consult with us on all matters related to business litigation.

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