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Wednesday is officially ‘Kobe Bryant Day’ in Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday is officially ‘Kobe Bryant Day’ in Los Angeles, CA

I cant believe it, I mean I’m a big fan, but c’mon… I think there are better suited choices to give this honor to.. and on a Wednesday… Leslie

Did you really think Kobe Bryant‘s retirement tour would end with his final game?

This thing could drag on until the end of time, baby.

The Los Angeles City Council officially declared this Wednesday to be “Kobe Bryant Day” in honor of the Lakers icon four months after he went for 60 points in an unforgettable final performance.

Wednesday’s date is Aug. 24 — also known as 8/24. Eight and 24 are the two numbers Bryant wore during his 20-year NBA career after leaping to the pros straight from high school. See what the city council did there?  Read more…

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