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Prelitigation Settlement

Prelitigation Settlement Information

  • Has your income decreased since you purchased your home?
  • Were you expecting to refinance, but because of the housing crises, you now owe more than your house is worth?
  • As a result, are you behind or about to be behind on your payments?
  • Were your hours cut at work?
  • Were you laid off due to the recession?

Did you hire a company and then find that the company did not offer the assistance you expected?

  • Have your tried to work out a settlement with your lender and received a denial?
  • How many times have you tried to call your lender only to be put on hold for yours or transferred from one department to another to another, etc?
  • How many times have your written your lender only to find out your correspondence (mail or fax) was lost?
  • Have you had bad experiences with companies you hired to resolved your mortgage crises for you?

At the Law Offices of Leslie Richards, we have helped hundreds of people resolve their mortgage crises with their lenders so that instead of foreclosure, they were able to modify their payments, obtain principal reductions, obtain forbearance agreements and other kinds of work-out which allowed our clients to keep their homes with payments that make sense!

We will help you and will stay in touch with you throughout the prelitigation mortgage process and while we negotiate with your lender.

Have you tried on your own to work out a settlement with your lender after you got behind in your mortgage payments and were issued a denial? Have you been on hold for hours day after day trying to reach your lender to get relief from a high mortgage payment that you cannot afford? Were the documents you carefully compiled and faxed in to the lender repeatedly lost?
We will help you and will stay in touch with you through the whole process while we prepare the submission for the prelitigation mortgage default settlement and negotiate with your lender.